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Metapeople 2044
by Robert Franklin
A 21st century scientific thriller sequel of George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.
Based in part on the science and religion book
Infinite Cold Energy by Robert Franklin.
2nd in a Series
Artificial Intelligence ● Robotics
Mind Slates ● Immortality
Living Inside Metaverse Spaces
Living Inside Humanoid Bodies
Futuristic Physics Theories
Futuristic Transportation
Futuristic Weapons



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DRM-free ePUB Reflowable Format eBook
363 pages
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About The Novel:


The novel Metapeople 2044 by Robert Franklin is a 363 page sequel to George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 that has been reincarnated into the 21st century, but more bizarrely and extraordinarily. The book is gaining ground amongst readers alike who have found this novel somewhat thrilling and exciting. When we all thought 1984 and its predictions were out of the way since we entered the new millennial era - well, think again, because Metapeople 2044 brings all the highlights to the fore giving you the details and secrets of Big Brother in a more refined manner. When reading Metapeople 2044 you participate in the world of Big Brother and not just grasp the knowledge by reading it.
   The character Edward Thomas in the novel is partly modeled after the true-life experiences of Robert Franklin concerning a man who works for Big Brother, as well as, the rich and famous as an electronic technician. Suspicion was brought on by some of Bob's holistic and strangely familiar pet projects involving robots and his research into immortality here on planet Earth. Since the age of four Robert Franklin sometimes called Bob by his family has been researching the subject of how to make immortality possible - a desire humans have so far not been able to find the solution. Robert believes that immortality is possible right here on planet Earth is plausible believing wholeheartedly in its future success.
   Robert Franklin isn't only an impeccable writer with good thought flow of sequence when he picks up the pen and puts ideas on paper, he is also a singer and song writer. In 1981 Bob retitled a song he wrote in 1977 calling it Franklinstein about a robot designed and created to be immortal. Moving forward to the year 1984 Bob introduced Frank Jr. the robot. The demo song
Franklinstein is available at for download under the artist name Bob Franklin.
   In 1989 Bob began studying physics. Bob believes the answer to his creative ideas can be found in having a thorough foundation in physics. Bob created 1D alpha vector theory and 2D beta theory from scratch which are two ideas in direct competition with the popular physics theories called strings and banes. Since 1991 Bob has worked on a practical photonic design for telescreens and Bob's best new technology called "mind slate technology" based on what Bob calls "tabūla mentis theory" which is an idea that Bob created in 1991 to handle the artificial intelligence (AI) portion of Frank Jr's thinking processes.
   A timeline listed inside the physics book unfolds by the year 2051 with quantum systems in photonics and quantum artificial intelligence as the main accelerants of innovation turning life for humans into immortal virtual digitalized humanoid avatars called metatrons, metapeople, metapersons, metathings, etc. that will exist in 3D simulated virtual reality metaverse spaces. A dystopian real world and an immortal metaverse virtual world ruled by Big Brother will for sure make the seven years between 2044-2051 very interesting to say the least!

  Book Reviews  
  "An outstanding story about the living conditions in the future world of planet Earth and its
inhabitants, including their governing styles, which results in paradise and immortality
on Earth. A very entertaining perspective from a lifetime of observations
and from deep thinking in the science of physics."
  Shirley Egland Spalla USC graduate, BSc  

About The Author
Robert (Bob) Franklin
is an American self-educated in theoretical physics, a former licensed electrical contractor, a former licensed armed alarm company owner-operator, a music recording artist and theologian. Bob resides in southern California.


The physics book
Infinite Cold Energy
by Robert Franklin.

The most exciting
science and religion
book ever released.


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